Dawn Aldrich
Dawn was born the youngest of three daughters to a working class family in Lewiston, Maine, USA. When she was but a toddler, her family moved to central Connecticut where she still resides with her husband, Peter.

            She first met Peter at his kitchen table while he was downing a bowl of cereal when they were but twelve and ten, respectively. They remained good friends through her sophomore year in college and fell in love that summer. Unable to stand the distance between them during Peter’s college freshman year, she transferred and they married after his junior year in August 1984. Together and with God’s help, they've raised two remarkable children, Aaron and Torrie, who are both married and living close by with their young families. They've graciously borne her four grandchildren with two more on the way by the end of 2015.

            When she’s not writing or chasing after her young grandchildren or caring for her aging mother and mother-in-law,  you’ll find Dawn digging in her flower beds, mowing the lawn (yes, she enjoys even that), enjoying road trips with Peter or sipping a tall mug of coffee on her back deck.

            Dawn earned her Associate of Science degree in broadcasting, Cum Laud, from Endicott College in 1981 and her Bachelor of Science degree in Christian education from Houghton College in 1985.

            Before children, Dawn and Peter were the co-directors of youth ministry at Zion Covenant Church, Jamestown, NY. Shortly after their son was born, they realized they wanted to build deep roots and foster generational family ties, so they resigned and moved back to Connecticut.

            Dawn found her calling as a nurturer in raising her family and it was as a young mother that she fell in love with children’s books. Not having been read to as a child, she enjoyed discovering all the children’s classics alongside her children and now her grandchildren. While a late-comer to books, Dawn always loved writing. She authored her first script for her fifth grade Sunday school Christmas pageant and kept numerous diaries throughout her youth. In college, she first realized she could evoke emotions from her readers through the power of her words. It was then, Dawn wanted to pursue writing as a vocation, but didn't know how.

            After a debilitating head injury in 2007, Dawn retired from her medical administrative position per advisement of her doctor. Healing came through sleep, prayer and writing. During that year, Dawn’s first book, Auntie’s House, was born (Halo Publishing International, 2009).

            Becoming a children’s author has been quite unintentional and each new story feels like a personal gift from God himself. When asked, “Where do you get your book ideas?” she answers, “They find me.” Such was the case with her next two publish stories, Gone Fishing, (1st place award, 2013 CAPA Writing Contest), and Invisible Jenny May, (Halo Publishing International, 2015).

            Besides writing, Dawn developed and co-hosted the award-wining children’s literary show, Penn’s Pal’s, for local television station WPAA in 2013. Her episode, Through Sophie’s Eyes, based upon the book by Cathy Gibson, won first place for Diversity Empowerment at the 15th Annual Alliance for Community Media, 2013 New England Video Conference.

            God’s placed a great desire within Dawn to minister to and write for daughters of divorce. The experiences of her own parents divorce and then remarriage to one another, held great lessons in honoring her father and forgiveness. It was through these lessons she’s experienced true spiritual and emotional freedom that affects every relationship in her life and it’s her desire to guide other daughters of divorce through these battles through the freedom God offers through Jesus Christ.


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