Author Visits

Beyond writing, Dawn loves sharing her books, her passion for writing and storytelling with audiences of all ages. As a highly flexible public speaker, Dawn will creatively adapt her presentations to meet your needs.

Possible Presentation Themes
Book Presentations
Auntie’s House:
Target audience – Pre-K through 3rd grade
Topics – family, trust, separation anxiety. This is a great book for the first few weeks of a new school year.

Invisible Jenny May:
Target Audience: 1st-5th grade
Topics – family, self worth, confidence, self discovery. This book encourages children to identify and discover the “magic” that lies within them.

Writing Presentations
From Idea to Published Book
The Writing Process

Personal Story
Dawn presents her faith journey and the personal crisis that catapulted her writing career. This presentation best fits young adult and adult audiences of 15 years + in a special event or retreat speaking event.

  • Forgiveness - a 24:7:365 commitment
  • Whole-hearted Living - seeking deep healing for wounded hearts
  • A New Name - shedding your labels and accepting your God-given name & purpose
  • Living Married in a Divorced World - God's design for marriage & family; committing to do the hard work

Event Fees
·         Classroom presentation: 25 children or less – 45 to 60 minutes = $75 per session
·         School assembly: 100-400 students – 45-60 minutes = $200 per assembly
·         Adult speaking event: 25 – 50 adults or less – 45 to 60 minutes =$75 ;  50 adults or more $150
·         Retreat speaker: $75 per session + room, board & travel expenses.             

Booking an Author Visit
Please use the contact form on the left to inquire about booking Dawn for an event. Please include: your name, phone number, name of the organization or school, visit date, age group, group size and length of time for the visit.

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