Dawn's Books

Dawn’s Books

The middle child stuck between three boisterous brothers and two
babbling baby sisters, Jenny May finds it difficult to get anyone’s attention. She tries everything like dressing herself, tying her own shoes, and making her bed, but still, no one notices. Convinced she is invisible, Jenny May disappears. Hungry and alone, she finds her way to Granny’s house.With a little help and pockets full of Granny’s magic tea cakes, Invisible Jenny May discovers the magic of visibility.             

 Illustrated by Amy Rottinger
Published by Halo Publishing International
Recommended audience: 1st – 5th grade

Gone Fishing – 1st Place Children’s Story
It’s opening day of fishing season and Billy Bear can’t wait to enter the local fishing derby. Convinced that he’ll catch the biggest fish simply because “bears are the best fishermen in the whole wide world,” he ignores Mama Bear’s request to wait for help from Papa Bear who is busy tending to the bee hives. Impatient and over confident, Billy Bear scampers off to the fishing hole alone where enters the derby on his own. Refusing help even from his best friends, Billy soon finds himself in such a tangle that he wishes he’d waited for Papa Bear after all. 
Auntie’s House is a fun, rhythmic story of a young niece who is cared for by Auntie while her mother is at work. Upon her arrival at Auntie’s house, the niece becomes anxious when she cannot find any toys. Auntie and her young niece quickly embark on an attic adventure and discover a box full of  adventure. After a fun-filled day of discovery and play, the young niece is greeted by her turning mother and her anxiety is laid to rest.

Illustrated by Michael Aldrich
               Published by Halo Publishing International                  Recommended audience: Pre-K – 3rd grade

Books are available at: Amazon, HaloPublishing International

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