Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Arise and Leave the Piles

"Arise my darling, my beautiful one and come with me." Song of Songs 2:10

I sit her on my couch in peaceful solitude. Dressed still in night clothes at one in the afternoon. Part of me fears my husband walking in and wondering, "What have you done all day?" as he notices the laundry piled high, the sink full of dirty dishes, the dusty holiday decorations, the crooked star still tilted on top of the Christmas tree and me sitting there in the place he left me four hours earlier.

The fear that wins me over though, is that I shall run out of time to stop and hear what God might be trying to say. It's times like these that my heart must win over my logical wisdom of time. The clothes won't grow legs and walk away. The dishes won't vanish into thin air (although, I wish they would). My husband seems to always understand when I'm "in the zone" and encourages me to take that time alone with the Lover of my soul. The chores will always be there but the call of God to sit with him may vanish. Not by choice, of course, but by mere interruption of a phone call, an unexpected visitor at the door, an emergency of some sort.

So while the house is empty and quiet, I'll obey His call to come away. It's when I've been away with Him that I can love honestly, purely, unselfishly. It's away where I'm unburdened, renewed and filled with joy. Arise! Leave the piles for awhile!

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