Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Bridegroom

"Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures." Luke 24:45

I love mystery dates. My husband is a very clever, romantic man and he's pulled off a few exciting anniversary dates over the past twenty-six years.

On our tenth anniversary he showed up at my work place announcing himself with a fresh bouquet of flowers peeking around the corner of my cubicle. Attached was a note that read something like, "Will you come away with me?" With an approving nod and a smile from my boss who sat just three seats away, he whisked me away for a romantic dinner and evening alone.

Today we celebrate our twenty-sixth anniversary and he's done it again! He was out of bed long before I was this morning. I thought, "Oh, he must be planning breakfast in bed." But, then I heard the familiar whir of the treadmill from the next room and drifted back to sleep. An hour later my senses were revived with the delicious aroma of a freshly brewed cup of hazelnut coffee sitting on my nightstand. That's my favorite way to wake up! We shared a lovely breakfast and before he left for work he said, "Stand by for further instructions!"

My anticipation was peaked even more. Promptly around noon he called. "You have an appointment at 2 o'clock at the Body & Soul Day Spa. When you're done there, go home and prepare for dinner, wearing that pretty dress I like. Enjoy!"

So here it is twenty-five minutes before my afternoon at the spa and I'm looking forward to a wonderful evening. I don't know exactly what he's planned. I'm assuming dinner at a nice restaurant. A bottle of wine. Candlelight and "our" song maybe even a listening to our taped vows that we've kept all these years. I'm not sure. But, I am anticipating seeing my bridegroom with great joy and excitement.

Shouldn't the Bride of Christ (the church) also be anticipating the appearance of her Bridegroom (Christ himself) with the same joy and anticipation? Lately, I've had several conversations that prove the opposite. I've found most of us looking toward Christ's return with fear and anxiety, especially as Scripture reveals itself in our current events. Christ has chosen to reveal some of what to expect through his teachings as well as through the Revelation he gave to John. However, like he did with the disciples while he was living among them, I think not ALL is revealed. Therefore, there is fear of the unknown. If we believe in Christ as our saviour, should we not then have no fear?

I'm looking forward to celebrating the arrival of my bridegroom this evening even though all the details have yet to be revealed. The check on my heart is, do I anticipate the Bridegroom's return just the same?


  1. I can't wait...as good as this life is, the next one will be AWESOME! To sing HIS Praises all day!!!!WooHoo!

  2. Thank you Matrimony and welcome to Dawn's New Day. I hope to see you around here again very soon.