Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Finding God in Butterfly Kisses

"He prays to God and finds favor with him, he sees God’s face and shouts for joy." Job 33:26

Sunshine broke through gloomy rain and spread golden warmth all around. Under blue and white roofed tents the sleepy-eyed fair yawned morning. Quiet conversations broke the silent din and in midsentence God caught my eye on butterfly wings. The effortless beauty of Monarch flight above the sundrenched tents stretched a smile across my lips.

My heart whispered, "Yes, I see you God. Thanks for the butterfly kisses. I see you."

"Keep looking," he answered back. "I'm here, today. Come find me."

And I found Him:
  • in Ann's whispered words of encouragement. "I've prayed for you all year. Keep writing. Your book opens conversations with my little ones--conversations about family."
  • in Friends' embraces
  • in A stranger's lonely voice forming incomplete thoughts
  • in High-fives from little boys I once taught and hugs from little girls with painted faces wearing princess dresses
  • in Unspoken words of a dying friend whose love lives strong
Everywhere I looked--in every face--I found God.

Solitude is healing and necessary to replenish our souls in God's presence. But other times, God calls us to find him in the world and amongst people. Where has He called you to be today? Are you looking for Him where you are? Can you find Him? Do you see Him?

When you find Him, will you encourage our hearts and share your God moment with us today?

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