Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Who Doesn't Like a Good Snowball Fight?

Today I'm sharing the lighter side of life. I wrote this for all the young moms and grandmas who might want to add a bit of fun into their kids' day.  Enjoy!
Who doesn't love a good snowball fight, right? But what do you do when your kids have the winter blues and the ground is covered with...well...mud and grass instead of snow? You have a snowball fight, anyway!
How? You could shell out twenty bucks for this cute manufactured can of smiley-faced
"nondestructive" snowballs that could still take out your grandmother's heirloom lamp OR you could create a family project that promises to keep Grandma's lamp in tact.
Here's how:
white tulle, muslin or any old sheets
fluffy stuffing or tissue paper
elastic bands
1. Cut white tulle, muslin or old sheets into 8-10 inch squares

2. Stuff with fluffy stuffing or tissue paper
3. Gather edges around stuffing and secure with an elastic band
4. Download the song Freeze Dance off iTunes or play it on YouTube
To simplify this even more if you don't have the time or resources for purchase cloth and stuffing, just wad up a bunch of white tissue paper and secure the ends with scotch tape and use that as your snow balls, but I can't promise they'll last more than one use.
Time to Wind Up or Freeze Dance
Instead of letting your kids run wild chucking snowballs through your living room, here's a fun alternative game suggested by an author friend of mine, Janet Lawler, during her latest interview on my show, Penn's Pals featuring her new book, Snowzilla.
Janet suggests playing a game called Freeze Dance. Much like Musical Chairs, the kids chuck cloth snowballs at one another while the music, Freeze Dance is playing (found here on YouTube). The parent pauses or stops the song periodically. When the music stops, the kids must freeze in place. If they move or throw their snowball when the music stops, they're out of the game. The game ends when the last child is standing or Mom says, "Enough!"
It's a great way to work out their wiggles. Once they've wound down, enjoy some cuddling up and good book!

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