Monday, April 1, 2013

For Mammie

Juanita Witham Bardon (left)
June 11, 1958 - March 29, 2013
Life surprised us last Thursday - knocked us off our steady feet. Our world came to a screeching halt and our hearts cracked right in two.
The woman who bore the sweetest daughter-in-law, the one my grandchildren called Mammie, suddenly left this world and entered Heaven's gates.
We know she's in a better place - dancing, singing, shouting praises to her King - but we are left behind gathering all our brokenness and missing her loving embrace. It seems too soon. We want one more hug, another spoken "I love you," to hear her contagious giggle and to look into her sparkling blue eyes.
Many more have known her longer, but it didn't take long to love her. God melded our families with unconditional love and acceptance in every respect. We loved sharing our children and grandbabies, alike. We were part of the same family where ties were extended, not broken or bound up tight.
We miss you, Juanita, more than words can express. While you're praising our Jesus in heaven above, I'll care for our grandbabies and tell of your love. You were best at preserving photographic memories, but I'll try harder to remember "a picture's worth a thousand words" especially to Grandmas with Cameras!
Grandmas with Cameras
by Sally Dube

Something happens to most mothers

When they are old (but still quite young =)

Their children grow up, marry

And have a daughter or a son!

This baby is the sweetest

That on earth they’d ever seen

Now that Mother has a new name

She’s now “Grandma” her ultimate dream!

She rocks and sings that little one

Her heart filled with so much love

She never knew how blessed she’d be

By this bundle sent from above.

Her camera never leaves her hand

So not to miss that smile

For this baby IS the cutest EVER

So lots of pictures in a short while

Laughing, crying, sleeping, yawning

Making sure to get each look

Rolling, sitting, creeping and crawling

Why her grandchild should be in a book!

Grandmas with cameras are a special breed

Never missing a photo op

With a flash and a snap and a “say cheese”

Their pictures just don"t stop =)