Friday, March 21, 2014

When All You Hear is Silence

"... Search your hearts and be silent." Psalm 4:4

Sometimes I don't understand what God's doing in me, through me, or around me. Do you ever feel that way, too? Like you're playng a part in some great adventure but you have no clue what it's all about or what you're doing in the middle of it all?

Each day you show up, interact with all the characters on Life's Stage because that's what God's asked you to do. Some days it all makes sense - the tasks and conversations all point to some significance - but other days you struggle with your lines and your stage presence is awkward at best. You stand there listening for any backstage cues, but all you hear is silence.  

Bustling busyness surrounds you and yet you're frozen in one spot, still listening for some direction, a line, a clue and you're left standing there in awkward, crazy nothingness. Uneasy and feeling quite useless, you race backstage, rummage for your script to find it's blank - no lines, no direction - nothing. Taking your obviously defective script to the director, you ask for a trade, but he refuses - barely takes his eyes off the action on Life's Stage - says it's supposed to be blank.

"Just take your place," the director smirks. "It'll all make sense in the end."

Isn't that life sometimes? (Let's switch scenes and meet over at Christian Childrens's Authors blog for the rest of the story).

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  1. Good Morning from Maine Dawn... silence is usually Him telling me it's okay to rest. But I guess that's not really silence then, huh? :) I hope you're having a new and fresh day today! I think you're wonderful! ~ Love, Amy