Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I Got This: A Book & A Giveaway:

Do you ever struggle with finances? What about giving and generosity? Yeah, me too, until my pastor's teaching changed my entire perspective. It wasn't the normal give-your-10%-sermon, but rather a revelation of God's love and generosity towards his children. 

Today, I'm privileged to share with you the Lead Pastor at Wellspring Church, Wesley Zinn, and his incredible perspective on "living in heaven's flow" of generosity in his new book, I Got This:Living in the Flow of God's Kingdom Economy

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Now, here's Wesley: 

What inspired you to write this book?
The inspiration for writing this book has come from my audiences. When I have spoken on giving and generosity, people have requested more teaching and an opportunity to go deeper into the topic. I trust this book will give my readers the opportunity to do just that. 
 How do you define God’s Kingdom Economy and how does it differ from the world’s economy?Jesus teaches to pray, "may your kingdom come." With God’s kingdom comes a unique economy as well.  This world economy is centered on how much we can get and hold onto.  We often think that God's economy is about how much we can give away. Yet, my perspective is that God's economy is more completely understood as a flow.  When we measure how much we have or how much we can give, we are still at the center.  When we allow ourselves to be a channel of heaven's flow, we remove ourselves from the center of the equation and open the storehouses of the Lord. 
Why don’t Christians experience real financial freedom?
Christians often struggle with financial freedom because we don't consider money a spiritual matter. We feel we have to manage it out of our own ability and strength. In addition, when we try to apply biblical principles we often attempt to layer on top of the world. God's financial principles must be applied within his economy. 
How can our generosity lead to financial freedom?
Generosity is an expression of concern for others, which is God's heart too. When we are generous we align ourselves with God heart. This opens a flow of his resources to us and through us. The alternative is to cling to what we have, which is a concern for ourselves. God invites us to trust him to provide for us and to align our heart with his to care for others. 
What is one thing Christians can do immediately to make a chance in their financial situation?
 Keep our eyes on our Provider (God) and off our circumstances.  Our circumstances may tell us to worry, but our Provider is more than capable of accomplishing His desire to provide for his children, whom he loves. 

Where can readers purchase your book?
Readers can visit my website, http://wesleyzinn.comwhich offers links to all the major providers, both paperback copies and various e-books.
 What is up next for you?The next biggest thing is the official book launch on Saturday, May 17th at the conference called: Living in theFlow of God's Kingdom Economy.
I am also considering writing a book which will apply these same principles of heaven's flow to all areas of life.  The principles are universal and not limited to finances, and the available freedom awaits us. 

9.      Do you have anything to add?
I encourage everyone to enjoy the flow!

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Following a successful business career, Wesley Zinn joined the pastoral staff of Wellspring Church in Berlin, CT where he presently serves as Lead Pastor. His vision is to equip and release the church and individuals to take hold of the fullness of life and the destiny that God intends. Wesley has taught on the topics of generosity and giving in numerous churches and in many settings both stateside and abroad. He and his wife, Pam, carry a special grace for understanding and living in God’s kingdom economy.


  1. Thanks Dawn for sharing about my book. Galatians 5:1 says, "it is for freedom that Christ has set us free." I'm convinced freedom can replace our stress, even in the area of finances,.regardless of our circumstances. My hope is for everyone to experience the Lord's freedom. Wesley Zinn

    1. I'm honored to share your book and inspired perspective. It has indeed changed my life and created freedom in giving. Blessings as God increases your territory.