Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Sensitive Child: Encourage their Strengths

I was the child who cried when people looked at me funny or laughed when I did something cute. I blushed at the very thought of speaking aloud or performing in front of a crowd. As a preschooler, I couldn't distinguish when people where making fun or admiring something I'd done. Maybe this sensitivity or shyness came from being a "mommy's girl" but alas, it was how I was wired.
Being naturally introverted, I people-watched and intently observed human behavior and interactions wherever I went. That meant I didn't speak much because I was busy watching from the outside. Being the third-party observer, I gained a sensitivity to my world and innate compassion for the underdogs in most situations (and still do to this day).
So, how did I process all that I observed? How did I come to interact more normally in an extroverted world? (Psssst...for the answers, follow me to the Christian Children's Authors blog. See you over there.)

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