Wednesday, March 7, 2018

One Passionate Prayer

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Hearing only chunks of their phone conversation set my adrenaline running.

"Accident. Car hydroplaned. Rolled over. Car is toast. I'm okay. Thank God for German engineering. State police."

Instantly, I knew my son's life had been miraculously spared and I knew who had tried to inflict the worst. My first response after, "Thank you, Jesus!" was "Call your prayer warriors. This is all-out war!" 

It wasn't just this one incident, but it was the tipping point for my exhausted self. Our family battled numerous spiritual assaults since Christmas: illnesses one after another that led to cocooning and isolation, household and weird car emergencies and financial stresses beyond the norm. Not just us, but three generations of our immediate family.

Many would call that life, but when half a family preps for an overseas mission trip, all hell breaks loose, even on the unsuspecting. Some, including my own mother, suggested we call off the trip; that somehow these challenges were a "sign" to stay put and let "someone else" do God's work. But, we knew better. Yes, these challenges were signs--signs that the work ahead was powerful, Kingdom work--and they aimed to instill fear and frustration and keep us home.

Fear is the enemy's number one tactic and the best way to counter that is prayer. 

With shaky hands, I thumbed through my contacts until I found a prayer warrior who answered. Between sobs, I choked out a quick explanation. "Our son was in a horrible accident. He's okay. Our guys need a ride to the airport immediately. They head to Uganda and Kenya in a few hours. This one (challenge) breaks me. We need support and prayer warriors surrounding us, right now."

Even when you know God's miraculously spared you or a loved one from death, realizing the worst destruction the enemy will hurl your way punches you in the gut and throws you to your knees. 

Once the guys secured their ride to the airport and I knew our son was in good hands at the ER, I raced home to email my powerful prayer warriors, asking them to suit up and surround us with prayer for the duration of the missions trip. A few hours later, I received this email:

"...early this morning I found myself in tears praying for you (and your family) in regards to this ministry. I lifted you up and asked (God) to keep all of you safe...(God) assured me that you would all go forth, each one of you in your own way...and proclaim His word..."

Do you get it? This prayer happened hours before our son's accident. HOURS! And, what's more amazing, this precious friend lives just over a mile from the site of the accident. Do you see God's hand in this? This prayer warrior obeyed the nudging of the Holy Spirit to pray over our family even before anyone knew the immediate need.

Most certainly, I believe her passionate prayer released tremendous power over my son's situation.

"...tremendous power is released through the passionate, heartfelt prayer of a godly believer." James 5:16 TPT

I don't claim to fully understand the reasoning behind prayer; why an omnipotent, omnipresent God would call a believer to pray His work into action. All I know is, prayer draws His attention, affection and favor to those who call on His name.

Is fear gripping you, holding you back from all God's intended for you? Do you find yourself engrossed in spiritual battle? If so, how might we battle (pray) on your behalf? 

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