Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wisdom For the Asking

Wisdom comes with age they say but I think wisdom comes from asking.

It seemed that from the time my babies were newborns to age five life was slow paced, boring at times. There was a daily routine consisting of food, clean, dry clothes, playtime, baths, bedtime stories and sleeping. And, that didn't change much except when there was a holiday or vacation. Their needs were simple. Their curiosity satisfied with my mommy wisdom (anything tough was passed onto the one with daddy wisdom).

Then they started school. Their routines and needs changed. Their curiosities heightened with new found friends, experiences, teachers. My mommy wisdom (and daddy wisdom) were stretched. Teacher wisdom sometimes won them over more convincingly than mine. They began to form their own opinions and beliefs and challenge mine.

Somewhere between kindergarten and the end of ninth grade I realized my opinion, my mommy wisdom was being challenged quite regularly. They were no longer satisfied with the "because I said so" reasoning nor did they look up to me as infallible. In fact my wisdom was counted as a loss on their scales.

But, a funny thing happened on their way past graduation. Life.

(Now, I'll stop here to say that this is not your typical "when your kids turn 21 they think you know everything again" article).

Life has a funny way of pulling you into reality...quickly...breath-takingly quickly, at times. One day I'm their mommy changing diapers and the next minute I'm helping them buy their first car, helping them try on their wedding gown, move into their first apartment, and suddenly I'm rocking their baby to sleep. My children are still asking me questions, but now they're questions that I'm still struggling to find the answers to myself! Where's the wisdom? What do I know? How can I possibly help them through life?

It's been a week of "life happ'ning" around here. It's been overwhelming at times. Anxiety has tried to sneak in. Wisdom feels lost. I sit in quiet for a few moments wrapped in my favorite afghan. (Thank you sweet hubby for those moments)! I cried a bit, prayed a lot and asked for His wisdom.

James 1:5 puts it this way, "If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." (NIV)

Life cannot be done alone. No one has all the answers. But, we can know the source of all things and ask God to give us his wisdom. James promises that He will give wisdom generously to everyone who strings attached.

Thank you, God for being generous with your wisdom...beyond my abilities, for wisdom for my children beyond their years.

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  1. Thank goodness, we don't have to have all the answers. What a job that would be! We just have to show Godly character. Nice blog. Email me and tell me wuzzup? Sounds like some difficulties?