Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Time

I want to twirl and dance and sing at the top of my lungs! I want to laugh and giggle from the tips of my toes! That long awaited moment in time when everything is right! And yet, I fear my joy be misunderstood for pride.

When all is right in your world how can you hold it all in? Isn't it time to celebrate, to shout it from the mountain tops? I can't contain all that I feel so I start to ask the first person that I meet, "Join me, won't you, in the dance?" Yet, somehow my voice gets lost before it's found.

"What will they think? How can you speak?" my Accuser whispers in my ear. "Your pride is showing boldly, my dear. Speak not a word, skulk back behind the door and say no more."

So I run away. I fall silenced behind the door; the finger of my Accuser pointed straight at my heart.

But the One; the One I asked to dance, lifts my chin and speaks the Truth. "This isn't pride, my beauty. This is joy!"

Then suddenly with a strength beyond my own I turn the mirror of my Accuser on himself. Truth pierces his heart to the very core and drives him far away.

I stand accused, no more. I make my way out from behind that door of silence and shame. My heart is light. My toes start tapping. I start dancing. My voice is found. The words are flowing. My eyes finally meet the speaker of Truth. I ask once more, "Join me, won't you, in the dance?"

With gentle eyes and the softest voice the lifter of my chin says, "Yes. Yes, I will join you in the dance. It's time to celebrate! It's time to sing and shout from the mountain tops! It's time!"

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