Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Accuser

"But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, 'The Lord rebuke you!'" Jude 9

It was a beautiful weekend filled with golden sunrises across the pond, walks in the autumn woods, sharing life with new friends and relishing the presence of God amongst us. Come Monday, I was exhausted but in a good way: when you know God used your passion to do His good work.

I was thankful to have an empty calendar to allow for rest and an easing back into routine. I slept a lot, ate a lot and took in way too much mindless chatter on T. V. Laziness crept over me and my guard was down. The Accuser noticed and took aim at my heart.

His first arrow whistled past me and struck my husband, abruptly interrupting our movie date. His attention was no longer on holding my hand but answering the barrage of business calls buzzing in his pocket. My Accuser shouted, "You're unimportant, unlovely. You can't even keep your husband's attention." Those words were like a pesky fly that wouldn't leave me alone no matter how many times I swatted them away. After a long night of fixing problems, my husband returned home to face those very words, twisted, personalized and spoken from my lips. I knew as soon as I heard them, my Accuser had started a battle but it took awhile for my head and my heart to stop it.

Seeing my weakness he flung a second arrow the next evening just before my husband was to take me out to dinner (to make up for the previous night). This time he aimed an arrow through an email at my creative abilities. He screamed, "You're fooling yourself. You don't have what it takes." I shut down my inbox and ignored his voice all through dinner until we returned home. It was as though I was alone, on stage with the spot light on me listening to the Accuser's barrage of insults from the audience.

Finally, needing to shut him up, I crawled up in my Daddy's lap and prayed, "Father, my heavenly Daddy...make him stop! He speaks lies. Hurls insults. Accuses. Rebuke him, Lord. Let me return to the place where your grace and peace abound. Speak truth, Lord. Speak truth to my heart." It was a restless night. A battle raged in my subconscious.

After breakfast, I sought for reassurance from my Father's Word and He lead me to the New Testament book of Jude verse 9. "But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses..." What a strange verse. Curious to know why Michael and Satan would argue over Moses, I did some research. According to Jewish tradition, even in death, Satan stood over Moses' body and accused him of being unworthy of burial because of his past sin (murdering the Egyptian, Exodus 2:11-12). Therefore, since Satan is lord of the earth, he demanded Moses' body. Michael, however, was quick to remind Satan that ALL of creation is God's, even the earth and he called on God to rebuke him.

These spiritual battles are real, even for us today. The Accuser crouches. His arrow ready. His bow at full draw, waiting for the right shot at our hearts. We must be on our guard, especially when we are most vulnerable (tired, worn, lazy). If we place our faith, our trust in God, He stands on our side. Never accusing. Always speaking truth. Always encouraging us for His good work.

Truth or lies. Which do you choose to believe? I choose truth

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