Friday, October 8, 2010

How Much Are You Worth?

"You are worth more than many sparrows." Matthew 10:31b

Hello You. Yes, you...the one that's folding piles of laundry, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, washing chocolate fingerprints off the newly painted walls, sitting in a cubicle, answering the phones, facing crabby customers, crawling on the freeway, feeling overwhelmed. Are you feeling important today? Do you feel like you matter to anyone right now? Well, you do.

There's so many people, so many responsibilities bidding for your attention that it's easy to feel overlooked, insignificant, unimportant, lonely. In all honesty, you need to know someone is thinking of you, noticing you, taking care of you, concerned for you. It's part of being human. But many nights, I'm sure you've tucked yourself into bed, turned out your own light and wondered, "Who cares for me?"

God does.

When I'm outside pushing my granddaughter on the swing, the moments between singing and swinging are interrupted with the chirps of noisy birds. "Listen," my granddaughter says, cupping her hand behind one ear. "It's a 'tweet-tweet'!" She's even learned the difference between their calls. "Squawk, squawk" is a blue jay. "Caw, caw" is a crow. "Chicka-dee-dee-dee" is, well obviously, a Chickadee, and "Cheep, cheep" is a sparrow.

It's funny, how spending time with little ones gets you to focus on things us adults would determine insignificant. Yet, those insignificant chirps make a most significant point. God supplies all these small, winged friends with everything they need every day. The bible says, if one small, insignificant sparrow falls, God notices.

Even so, how much more are you noticed? Yes, you...the one feeling unimportant, lonely, needy...YOU are noticed and important to God! God has given you a voice unlike any other. He has adorned you with a beauty that He wants you to share with the world. He notices all you do for everyone, every day. He wants you to know He's right there next to you. Listening. Waiting.

You. Yes, you...are worth more to God than many, many sparrows. You are treasured.

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