Friday, July 1, 2011

My Greatest Desire

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

It's a perfect morning. Summer, sunshine, silence and a whole day to do whatever I desire.

While comforting scents of coffee and cinnamon brew in the corner, I pop a raisin English muffin into the toaster. And wait.

Not wanting to waste time, I scan my grocery list, adding and subtracting items according to my scant plethora of coupons. Still waiting.

I scoop up the newspaper, (barely reaching my driveway), nearly tripping over my fluffy feline that runs under my feet as I step back into the house. She weaves back and forth between my legs until I fulfill her desire for tuna and eggs, Friskies style.

Ahhh. Coffee's done. English muffin is dripping with melted butter. I grab the paper, ready to settle into the local news when God whispers, "Come away. Delight in me."

I stand there a few seconds contemplating all the time I'd waste sitting around "doing nothing." Really. God whispers again, "Come away." One thing I've learned in my almost 50 years, when God asks me, more than once to do something, I listen. So, dropping the paper,  I relinquish my desire for busyness to "do nothing" except be in God's presence.

He never disappoints. In the devotional Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young God met me this morning with these words, "This time alone with me is essential for unscrambling your thoughts and smoothing out the day before you. Be willing to fight for this precious time with Me. Opposition comes in many forms: (including) your own inner critic to spend your time more productively. As you grow in your desire to please Me above all else, you gain strength to resist these opponents. Delight yourself in Me , for I am the deepest Desire of your heart."

Do you ever look at your quiet time with God as doing nothing, like me? Do you ever desire to spend your time with other people doing other things rather than with God? The bible says we are his greatest delight; he takes great pleasure in His children; He sings over us with joy! He just wants to spend time with us and become our hearts' deepest Desire; our greatest longing.

Dear Lord, forgive me of my selfishness. Continue to draw me near to your side, into your presence until you become my deepest desire.

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