Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Moments: Did You Know?

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:14

I heard the story of Joseph and Mary every year for the last thirty-two years, but never had I really examined Mary and what she must have been feeling and thinking on that long journey to Bethlehem. As I sat in church a few Sundays before Christmas, I listened to the beautiful words of the special, ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ and tears formed in my eyes. My hand unconsciously rubbed my belly, quite large with our fifth child due just weeks later, wondering if my little one I carried a boy or a girl?

Mary knew.

She knew her little One was a boy. The angel of the Lord had told her nine months before that she would have a Son, and she should call His name Immanuel. I let my mind drift back 2000 years before and put myself in Mary’s place.

Riding a donkey in her condition, bouncing along on the rough trail, feeling every jolt and muscle sway as the rocks rolled underfoot. Walking would have been better, had it not been for the constant tightening of the stomach every few minutes. The baby’s head was obviously dropping. In this strange and unfriendly town, who would attend to her labor and birth of this precious child? Who would know what to do when everyone else failed them?

 Joseph knew.

Joseph knew what to do. His hands were strong and capable of catching the sweet babe as He made His entrance into the cold world. He knew how to bundle the little one with swaddling clothes and lay Him in the manger filled with sweet hay. As the cattle and sheep gently chewed their cud, they watched as their visitors settled down after their long ordeal and slept for a few minutes on the pile of fresh hay, covered with a soft blanket. Nobody else knew of the miraculous birth that occurred that night and nobody cared to come and see the newborn baby.

But the shepherds knew.

The angels appeared to them in the sky above, startling them from their usual quiet chatter as they watched their sheep. The sky lit up with a glorious light, almost blinding them as the angels sang overhead. “Glory to God in the highest!” Their angelic voices rang out with the most beautiful song, praising the Heavenly Father for the birth of God the Son. Only the shepherds heard that song of praise and now came to worship the King.

And today, we still worship our King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Did you know that Jesus came to bring peace to His children and is still bringing that peace to us today? Rest in the truth that He will never change and He is the same as He was 2000 years ago. I can truly say I am glad that He chose to come to earth as a man and I know I am going to be with Him someday in Heaven.

How about you….do you know?

About the author:

Cara Simmons is a wife, mother of five, and an author of Christian YA adventure fiction. She's enjoyed writing short stories since childhood and telling them to whomever would listen. From monkey tales to stories of kidnappings, and orphans, Cara wove exciting adventures that thrilled her listeners. In 2007, Halo Publishing International published the first book of her trilogy, The Orphans of Mordecai's Castle: The Haven followed by book two, The Leviathan in 2009. Her final book is presently in the editing process and Simmons hopes to see it published by the end of 2012. To learn more about Cara and her books click here.

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