Sunday, February 26, 2012

Buzzing Around Today

Devo Kids is part of Christian Devotions Ministries whose mission is to entertain children with fun activities and sprinkle it with the teachings of Christ. Http://

Today I am excited to join Kendra Cameron Jarvis at Devo Kids to discuss our shared passion for children's literature and my writing journey. 

Devo Kids (part of is a fun, creative, family friendly website whose goal is to be THE place for families to go for spiritual study, prayer and family fun.

DevoKids posts weekly devotions from Christian writers, authors and KIDS. They encourage children to write about their favorite scripture or about their personal experiences with Christ.  Children or adults may submit art work, art projects, nature events and all around kid-fun.

Click here to see the interview and while you're there, browse the other exciting features at Devo Kids. You'll want to make it a weekly stop!

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