Monday, November 12, 2012

It Smells Like Snow

It sneaks up on us quiet-like; that unexpected fresh, heavy laden dampness that every New Englander knows. Stepping outside, it's undeniable. It smells like snow.

And before my brain can dismiss the thought of early November snow, the clouds disperse their frozen crystals and snowflakes drift down and fill the cracks. Every black space and gaping hole transforms in minutes with heaven's brilliant white grace.

Suddenly everything busy slows.

In the slowing, God's artwork appears.

Tiny white crystals outline spider's webs

in lacy white drifts.

The invisible becomes visible.

God's grace covers my busyness
and His invisible presence slows my heart-pace
until He blankets my soul
with peace.

Though the week progresses, warms and melts this cozy winter blanket, God's presence continues  to sneak into busy days. He creates slow moments and helps me count His good gifts.

#4 warm glowing fires
#5 hot brewed tea & honey
#6 a comfy couch
#7 freedom to vote who governs
#8 a husband who serves
#9 children who engage their world
#10 time to think
#11 family living close
#12 winter's first snow
#13 snow blowers that last to the last swipe
#14 unplanned romance
#15 winter naps
#16 enjoying God's harvest food
#17 healing prayers
#18 slow moments in the midst of rushing
#19 wordsmiths gathered in one place
#20 God honored through words
#21 laughter around the table
#22 worship
#23 community touched by a puppy
#24 an early Christmas present: a book of carols
#25 delight in Dad's chuckle as grandchildren sing him Happy Birthday
#26 snuggling grandchildren while reading stories
#27 living moment by moment

How has God slowed your days this past week?

If you haven't had time to count, do it now. Without thinking, list three gifts in this very moment, won't you?


  1. Hello dear lady,
    We got a smooth, light dusting up here as well. It was refreshing, clean, and new. It does make me notice the details of our Creator again. Very beautiful Dawn! ~ Love from Maine, Amy

    1. Just catching up! It's been a whirlwind of a month. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and lending encouraging words.