Monday, November 26, 2012

Curing the Thanksgiving Hangover

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given us...if it is showing mercy, let him do it cheerfully." Romans 12:6, 8

If a Thanksgiving hangover exists, I suffered one this weekend. Turkey and all the fixings, either graced our family table or someone else's three times this week and the other four days we filled up with birthday celebrations, yard work, painting and an author event.

Today, I was more than ready for an ordinary, boring Monday where silence reigned down refreshing my body, mind and soul; where I feasted on God's Word instead of more turkey pot pie.

Then, Auntie called asking for help - more shopping and a doctor visit.

My eyes squinted shut and my heart grew tight and small. My mind screamed, "No! Not one more thing! Not one more person needing me or one more place or one more errand. No!" I'm grateful God sealed my mouth until I could hear Him over my grumbling thoughts.

"Grace and mercy," was all He whispered.

Grace and mercy don't come naturally. I struggle receiving and giving these heavenly gifts, especially when I'm physically worn out, just like today.

Heaving a deep breath, I reluctantly agreed to one more person, one more place, and one more errand before the call ended. With barely a few hours to spare, I crawled upstairs and opened my thanks-giving journal. Remember? The one where I'm supposed to be counting all God's gifts? Yes, in all my Thanksgiving busyness I'd neglected to stop and count and mindfully give thanks.  

When we neglect thanks-giving, grumbling replaces joy. Our minds and souls need reminding every moment of every day that joy comes only after we offer our thanks to the Giver of all our good gifts.

So, this morning, I recounted the past few days - looked back and recalled God's precious gifts given even through my busyness.

#49 Rest at night
#50 Precious morning silence
#51 Musicals
#52 Still sharing dreams after 28 years
#53 Strangers turned friends
#54 An extra day off
#55 Winter preparations
#56 Physical exercise
#57 Celebrating one more Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad
#58 Intimate family moments
#59 Mom and Dad's laughter
#60 Mom's grateful heart
#61 Midnight shopping adventure
#62 A soft warm bed
#63 Sleep
#64 New paint on old walls
#65 New generation inspired
#66 Playful puppy cousins
#67 Seeking stranger
#68 Sharing God's hope
#69 God conversations in holiday traffic
#70 Smiling, snuggling grandchildren greeting me at the door

Yes, recounting God's limitless gifts and offering Him thanks transforms this grumbling heart into a cheerful heart; makes room for more grace, more mercy and allows me to offer it freely. One more person? One more place? One more errand? By God's grace and mercy, yes.


  1. Oh' Dawn, thank you for sharing some of your innermost parts. You bless me greatly. I pray for rest for you tonight. ~ Love from Maine, Amy

    1. Sitting in my cozy pink bathrobe and wooly slippers in front of a fire, editing and writing while Christmas carols surround this tired body. Oh, yes. Resting in my passion and God's gifts. He. Is. Good.

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    1. Hey MaineGal,

      So glad you stopped by. Been missing you :)