Monday, February 18, 2013

When God Signs His Name

Dusk settles in glorious shades of pinks and yellows across the western sky; God's signature that writes hope on our hearts for one more day.

That's all we need, isn't it? Hope for just one more day? For if we try and gather hope for all the days ahead, our minds twist the truth until fear replaces hope. And where fear rests, doubt rises - doubt in who we are, where we're headed and what we're called to do.

Fear + Doubt = The Perfect Storm

It's been a long week digging out from under three feet of snow and an even longer two weeks clawing my way through The Perfect Storm where fear and doubt demand my attention; where the weeds have grown up alongside my God-sown dream until I'm unsure of the very call on my heart - that call to write and encourage hearts.

We round the corner towards home and God signs his name to the brilliant landscape before us. Our eyes behold His handiwork and we turn towards one another with knowing smiles. No matter how battered we are from the storm, there's hope for one more day. And where there's hope our faith grows, knowing God goes before us.

Hope + Faith = Victory Over the Storm.

I tuck hope inside my heart and quietly settle and lean in close listening for God's whispers. He meets me with silence, so I ask, "God, do I have it right? Have I misunderstood you all these years? Am I off course?"

And immediately He brings to mind the words he gave me this summer from Jeremiah 1:18 & 19 (The Message):

"Stand at attention while I prepare you for your work...I'll back you up every inch of the way."
Ah, yes. Stop wielding my own sword. Just stand. Get ready. Let God show me what HE's doing around me. He's got my back.

You see, when God signs His name to all He has ordered, whether in nature or in our hearts and lives, He's in control and will see it to the end. Where God signs His name to anything, there is always hope; He is faithful and victorious.

Have you come through a perfect storm lately feeling a bit shaken and battered; questioning if what God promised is all wrong? I know how you feel.

Lean in close and listen for God's whisper. Pull His loving arms around you and just stay in His embrace for awhile. Offer up praise even in the midst of hurt and take notice of His signature all around you. He's right there singing over  you with delight and working His plan all around you.  


  1. Beautiful, comforting words Dawn. Thank you. ~ Love out, Amy