Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Unfailing Love

"What a man desires is unfailing love." Proverbs 19:22

Unfailing love. It's all this heart ever dreamed of since she can remember. Isn't it what every little girl's heart craves -forever love that never fails - like it's woven into her DNA? I think so.

And so with every ounce of who she is, she searches the eyes of every man she encounters, beginning with Daddy. "Daddy, do you love me?" she asks. "Daddy, don't you think I'm beautiful?" she whispers. "Will you love me forever?" she pleads, even when he's walking out the door. Always searching. Always asking. Always needing unfailing love.

Beneath the bridal veil and lace her eyes rest upon her groom. They promise love, forever-unfailing love. And from that day forward her little girl eyes keep searching his. "Honey, do you love me?" she asks.  

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  1. "Is unfailing love possible this side of Heaven"? That is a beautiful question. Blessings today friend. ~ Love, Amy

  2. Dawn...Beautifully written as it captured so much of my own heart and I am sure of many others.
    I just had to pause and relish the fact that you and I have come to know this incredible Love, There are so many out there that are "clueless"that this type of Love even exists ( as we once were)
    Let's be determined to testify of His unfailng Love so that many can come to a place of contentment and rest.
    Blessings, Linda