Wednesday, June 7, 2017

God's Easter Miracles: Book Review

God's Easter Miracles
by Lee Ann Mancini
illustrated by Dan Short
GLM Publishing, 2017
God's Easter Miracles, is the sixth book in Lee Ann Mancini's award-winning Adventures of the Sea Kids book series. This book not only tackles the true meaning of Easter and salvation through Jesus Christ, but also weaves in topics like autism, healing, and compassion. 

While all these subjects are important to the modern family, it felt a bit overwhelming. I felt the subject of the Easter holiday, incorporating the death and resurrection of Jesus and the way of salvation through Christ was a big enough subject without adding more to it. Like her previous book, God's Gift, this subject matter was best suited for the older, curious child between grades 3-5. 

I have enjoyed Mancini's hidden theme verses tucked within the copy right page as well as her signature sign offs and hidden picture game at the end of each book. Her illustrator, Dan Short, has captured the personalities of each character brilliantly and added a whimsical flair to each book, this one included. 

This book gets ****'s.

GLM Publishing, 2017ISBN: 978-0-9973325-1-3 (hardcover)ISBN: 978-0-9973325-2-0 (softcover)

To learn more about Lee Ann Mancini and her books, please click here. 

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