Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I Have Two Daddies: Book Review

I Have Two Daddies by Lynn Calvin
illustrated by Maria Rask
AuthorHouse 2008
I Have Two Daddies: An Earthly Daddy and a Heavenly Daddy is a multi-award-winning children's book written by Lynn Calvin and illustrated by Maria Rask, published by Author House, 2008.

Calvin tackles the difficult abstract subject of the unseen heavenly Father by comparing him to a loving earthly father. I love her concrete examples of her earthly father's love expressed by going to work so that he can provide her with all her needs like food, clothing, shelter. But better yet, she illustrates how he shows her love by also giving her his time and sharing about God, her heavenly Father. 

Just like our earthly daddies, our heavenly Father, also showers us with His love by making "a way for [us] to live with Him forever" through our "Big Brother", Jesus. 

Calvin beautifully and simply explains the gospel while leading the reader through the way to salvation including a prayer and scripture references.

I award this book ****'s

AuthorHouse 2008

ISBN: 978-1-4343-6943-7 (softcover)

To learn more about Lynn Calvin and her books, please click here.

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