Saturday, January 10, 2009


The warmth of the sun beneath my feet;
the sound of a fountain as it beats
upon the water of the pool creates
neverending rings that never meet.

A bird is calling to his mate;
his chirping, singing states
an impatinece for her reply
that she seems only to deny.

In the distance a sound;
a plane that can't be found
but lingering still
my ears attest I am not ill.

Distractions all to my heart's cry;
"I want to hear you!" I sigh
as home they come, one by one
and my soul clamours for what had begun.

A time of solitude;
a time of great gratitude
my listening ears and expectant heart
still long and say "Don't depart!"

Lord, I know you're there;
waiting for me to prepare
a place for you to show your face
where I will long for your embrace.

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