Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Out of the Mouths of Babes"

Sunday was an exceptionally beautiful winter's day. The sun was shining, the air was cool and comfortable. The ground still held a thin blanket of snow. It was a great afternoon for a hike! So, Pete & I made the trek up Sleeping Giant to the "castle" about a mile and a half ascent to the top.

On the castle roof above the tree line the milky half-moon was visible against the clear, winter-blue sky. The sun began it's descent along the horizon and so we began our own descent back down the mountain. We felt the air cooling quickly as the light dimmed. Our feet less confident of their steps as gravity helped us down. The first icey patch Pete's feet gave way and gravity won. Gravity "1". Wrist "0". Still, a mile to go before we reached the bottom.

Our evening was spent in the chaos of the local ER and the results were challenging. Pete's wrist was broken...a fracture with multiple pieces at the joint of the wrist. The doctor performed what he called a "reduction" and was pleased by the position of the bones. He thought Pete would avoid invasive surgery.

At the follow-up visit yesterday, the doctor wanted Pete to have the surgery this afternoon for no other reason than his past experience with such a break always ends up with the bones drifting and surgery inevitable. The bones were still in a good position and could heal properly "if by something miraculous the bones stay where they are." We asked him why he would pre-empt the surgery if the bones were still in place. Candidly, he answered, "because it's my day in the OR and I figured I'd fit you in on my rotation." We asked for time and opted out of the surgery today with another follow up on Thursday to see if the bones show any sign of drifting.

In a time of prayer two weeks ago, asking for God to speak what he has planned for him in 2009, Pete was given the word "FAITH". With that in the forefront of our minds and knowing that the bones were in place AND knowing the doctor used the words, "by something miraculous" we chose to pause. We asked, "is God doing something here? Is he growing Pete's faith?"

For two days we've second-guessed ourselves. We're affraid of making the wrong decision. Affraid to be disappointed if God doesn't heal his wrist, miraculously. Then, tonight God brought me to Matthew 21:14-22. First, Jesus is healing the blind and the lame in the temple. Children are witnessing these miracles and proclaiming, "Hosanna to the Son of David!" The religious leaders are furious and challenge Jesus by asking him what he makes of such a claim. He replies, "Have you not read, "'From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise?'" The second part of this passage, Jesus is with his disciples and commands a fig tree to wither. When they question how he did that with just a word he explains they have too been given the authority to do the same and much more!

So I ask, "does our ability to reason hinder our child-like faith?" I believe it does. Why do we fail to simply believe in the power of Christ in us and through us to do the miraculous? We don't believe. We don't want to be disappointed. What do we say if it doesn't happen?

I don't have the answers. Neither does Pete. But, we're willing to pause and ask God to do the miraculous. Will you join us?

...to be continued...

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