Thursday, March 26, 2009


Inspiration. It's the thing, the person, the act that incites you to action. What inspires you? What is it the moves you deeply enough to do what it is you were designed to do?

We think of inspiration when it comes to the arts. We assume the artist is inspired by the object of their masterpiece; the muscian inspired by the subject of their composition; the writer by the main character of their book. Having addressed the question "What inspired you to write?" often since February 1st I know, for me, inspiration runs deeper than the subject.

When I think about writing, I fail at creativity. I start to outline and methodically, logically sculpt a topic. It's empty. Void of emotion. A report. Dull. Uninspiring. It has everything to do with the subject but nothing to do with inspiration.

My inspiration is worship. Worship runs higher than my thoughts and deeper than my emotions. Worship speaks to my heart, my innermost being. It touches the core of who I am and triggers me to move into my passion. It moves the focus off myself and onto Christ. It insights me to express my love for God through music and words. It causes me to listen to the Creator who then inspires me with words.

Tonight, writing is much too methodical. I need to worship.

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