Monday, March 16, 2009

"Prayer Works!"

Each trip to the orthopaedic doc brings a shiver of doubt into Peter's conscience. After two weeks of therapy on his once broken wrist, the therapist accompanied Peter to the orthopaedic's office this morning to witness the miracle she's seen. She too cannot believe a break (actually a crushing) like his has healed without surgery. Again, knowing in his mind and seeing with his eyes the great healing God has performed Peter still questions: "Has God truly healed my wrist? Is He still present in this process? Have I done any damage to it in my therapy process?"

Peter and the therapist sit in the examining room awaiting the newest xrays to arrive. The doc comes in placing the xrays on the lighted board and says, "Unbelievable!" The doc explains that bone has already begun to grow where it needed to be replaced. New, healthy bone tissue is forming miraculously in places that surgery should have held bones together.

He then asks for Peter to show him the range of motion in his wrist and to flex it in all different directions. "Unbelievable!" he says, again. "You shouldn't be able to do that!" The movement and strength are beyond the docs expectations! Praise God!

As he shakes his head, with nothing much more to say, the doc gives precautionary warnings and proceeds to tell him that he will certainly have arthritis in his wrist. Peter replies with boldness, "No I won't. Prayer works!" The doc is taken off guard, chuckles and resolves, "You're right. Prayer does work!" The end.

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