Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walking With Purpose

I love children. They’re such a source of truth and inspiration. Life comes into focus when I watch them busily accomplishing the simplest of tasks. I so understand Christ’s love for them and telling us to be like them. My husband’s niece keeps the family updated with her creative blogging and photography of her two boys. She’s quite creative in her writing and captures great moments in word and vlogging. Today, wanting to just catch up on their lives, I opened her blog and watched her youngest son proudly displaying his walking skills. From the initial viewing and by the title of the blog you would think that’s all he was doing…walking. But, as the video progressed you realized he wasn’t just showing off his walking skills. He was walking with a purpose.

(Reposted this to Christian Childrens' Authors blog today. Won't you join me?)

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