Monday, August 27, 2012

Say Yes to God's Sacred Adventure

"I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in move you to follow my decrees.." Ezekiel 3:26a, 27b

God met me in my quiet place. His Spirit blew through open windows though never rustling the leaves outside. His joy filled me up with laughter that couldn't be suppressed and it changed me.

All week long anxiety and pressure mounted, turned my world upside down and I stared my God-portunity down. This TV show, Penn's Pals, was nowhere on my radar and certainly nothing I concocketed from my own imagination, but as the week wore on and wore me out, I wondered and questioned, "Am I stepping into God's will or is this just a huge distraction from the Enemy?"

Rest finally came Thursday night. Exhausted by all the challenges I fell into God's hands and said, "Catch me, Lord. Search my heart. If this is from you, give me deep rest and breathe life in me and through me." Twelve hours later (yes, 12) I awoke, peaceful and rested.

I quieted myself inside my office sanctuary and opened the windows, welcoming His presence and Holy Spirit. Opening my devotional, He met me with these words:

"Though I am the Lord of the universe, I desire to work in partnership with you. As you say yes to this sacred adventure, you become more fully the one I designed you to be."
(Jesus Lives, by Sarah Young, (Thomas Nelson, 2009m pp. 76-77).

Hmmmm...a sacred adventure? Penn's Pals is certainly an adventure and now my spirit knew it was a sacred calling, prepared in advance especially for me; one that God intends to work in me and through me for His purposes. I'm not sure how, or what that looks like right now, but as long as He's in it, I know there's good things ahead!   I cannot express the overwhelming peace and joy that's replaced my anxious, worrisome heart. Praise God!  


Standing ready and prepared to watch what God is doing,   



  1. Dawn girlie! I love this personal sharing! What a rest and word He gave you! Thinking of you, as you jump into this new adventure friend! You're lovely... ~ Blessings from Maine, Amy :)

    1. Miss Amy! It was a miraculous rest and beautiful visit. He ruled over that production and continues to show up. I'd covet your prayers for this project as you well know, when we're exactly where God wants us we tick off the Enemy. All parties involved have been given quite a dose of challenges, but God prevails.