Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Always Wanted

"If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" Matthew 7:11

She comes over for a bit of encouragement, a little “just her and me” time. We each sip our mocha coffee out of colorful sturdy mugs, and chit chat about life – how we’re similar in so many ways. We share funny stories and heart wrenching, lost and found stories - how God's always been there even when we couldn't see Him.

And before she leaves I give her the nickle tour around the house; show her my writing nook and discover blue is her favorite color. On her way out she stops to admire the piano and asks, “Who plays?”

I reply, “Oh, it’s always been on my bucket list, but only my kids know how to play.”

She chuckles and gives me that red-faced, raised eyebrow look, “I was a piano major. Guess we have another reason God brought us together!”

I was like a little girl on Christmas morning discovering exactly what I'd asked for underneath the pile of tissue paper! All giddy, I clapped my hands and jumped for joy. "Really? You'll really teach me?"

In that moment, God blew me away. It's one thing to receive exactly the gift I've asked for from my loved ones, but when God surprises me, I find it overwhelming. I mean think about it - the Creator of the universe, the Alpha & Omega, the Great I AM took the time to listen to my heart and pick out the exact gift that speaks, "I love you." It wasn't like I'd asked for this gift recently or begged my husband to purchase lessons for me. (He'd already given me a gift certificate for lessons a few years ago, but I was waiting for the right time which never came and that gift certificate is still sits behind my jewelry box).

Jesus said in Matthew 7:11, if we who are evil (not perfect, not God) know how to give good gifts to our children, then what do you think God, (your Heavenly Father, Creator, the Great I AM and Ruler of the univers) will do for those who ask him? {my paraphrase}. God surpasses our desires with better-than-good gifts; He gives us what we always wanted pressed down and overflowing and in His perfect timing.

I love how God wrapped this piano gift. He wrapped it up in community and tied it up with relationship. He's drawing both of us to Him through one another, the true gift.

It's just what He always wanted!

What good gifts has God given you? How did He wrap them?


  1. LOVE THIS!!! You have such a pure, sweet heart. How can God resist from surprising you? xoxo

    1. Anonymous,

      You bless my heart every time you visit! Thank you for your word that encourage.

      May God refresh you and pour out His good gifts on you today.


  2. Love you sweet lady! EnJOYed this post immensely. So many gifts given, each and every day. Off to bed! This was so nice to read to end my day. ~ Love, Amy

    1. Love and Hugs back at ya, sweet Amy. Love reading about your God-gifts every week.

      May God continue to lavish us with every good gift from above!

      Sweet dreams,