Monday, September 3, 2012

5 Ways to Turn a Bad Decision Around

"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you." Psalm 32:8

Letting go of our well-laid plans is never easy. We labor over every decision, weigh the pros and cons, pour over every detail and even seek Godly counsel that in the end, we sometimes ignore.

Our plans make sense, satisfy our hearts' desires, hold prosperity and the betterment of ourselves and our family  in the wings. They're well-intended, but any plans outside God's will are disastrous!

About five years ago, I accepted a job, against Godly counsel, that looked promising in every way: more money, better and cheaper health benefits, a lucrative 401K plan, and still close to home. Within eight weeks none of that mattered as I found every facet of my life turned upside down. My pride kept me going, holding onto this job that I just knew was right, but screamed, "TURN AROUND! WRONG WAY! DO NOT ENTER!"

Month after month things grew worse, at home and in my department, but I was in this job to stay, like I had something to prove to God, and planted my feet firmly under my desk. Then one day, I lost my footing; literally tripped and fell, head-first into a solid, steel reinforced fire door. Even then, while suffering painful concussive headaches, I stubbornly stayed. Two months later, I surrendered - admitted I'd made a wrong decision, begged God's forgiveness, and let the healing process begin.  

So how do we get back on track when we find ourselves in the midst of disaster; when it's obvious we made the wrong decision?
  1. Stop! Make an about-face and turn back towards God.
  2. Set things right. Admit you're wrong-doing and ask God's forgiveness.
  3. Step in line. Ask God, "Which path?" and walk on it.
  4. Seek Godly counsel from someone who will keep you accountable to God's will.
  5. Savor God's presence. Develop daily God-time. God alone is our ultimate counselor. Be intentional to spend time reading His Word, talking about your struggles, your intentions, and listen for His advice. He will speak if we listen and welcome His presence into our daily lives.
I've never looked back after leaving that job. God did a miraculous healing in my life both physically and spiritually in the months that followed. The headaches didn't subside for seven months, but those were some of the sweetest times spent alone with God. He taught me about abiding and being still and knowing him as God; God of creation and God of my life. He taught me total dependence on Him for every need and showered me with grace and very good and abundant gifts.

Are you in the midst of a tough decision? Is it dangling promise and prosperity, but Godly counsel says, "Stop?" Won't you take the time to stop and seek God's presence, ask Him what His plans are for you? Ask, "What's the right path, God?" and walk in on it. 

God promises, "I will counsel you and watch over you." What is there to fear?


  1. What a story that was Dawn! Thanks for sharing your testimony! ~ Blessings, Amy

    1. Hello Amy,
      You're always a welcomed guest! God makes all things work for good! Amen.