Monday, September 24, 2012


"Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security." Jeremiah 33:6

We've all had those nevertheless moments, haven't we?

She snuck into class ten minutes after the bell rang, nevertheless the teacher ignored it.
He swung the bat and missed the ball, nevertheless the coach saw his potential.
She spewed hurtful words at her husband, nevertheless he forgave her.
He smashed his wife's dreams to pieces, nevertheless she loved him.
They deserved what was coming, nevertheless God showed mercy.

Nevertheless is a great, old fashioned word that musically rolls off the tongue unlike its choppy sisters but, however, nonetheless, or in spite of.  Nevertheless defines those free-of-charge, unexpected outcomes that either define cruelty or mercy.

With God, nevertheless always means mercy.

I've tried leaving Jeremiah's 52 chapters behind since August, but God keeps bringing me back. Today he defined mercy in chapter 33 verse 6 (above).

Like today's world events, war left Israel in ruins. Her idol worship angered God and they reaped the consequences. Nevertheless, God loved Israel and He promised restoration and healing, abundant peace and security.

So, what does that have to do with us? Everything.

We wage war against God everyday, even us "good girls", when we choose holding grudges instead of offering forgiveness, speaking our minds instead of holding our tongues, causing dissension instead of making peace, placing our "to do" list over loving our husband, busyness over abiding with God.

The list goes on and on. I don't intend to make you feel guilty but rather point you towards God's unfailing love and ever flowing mercy:

We choose holding a grudge, nevertheless God freely forgives.
We scream cruel words, nevertheless God whispers loving thoughts.
We cause dissension, nevertheless God makes good come together.
We walk away, nevertheless God never leaves our side.
We deserve death, nevertheless God offers eternal life through Jesus.

No matter what we've done or are in the midst of doing, remember this: 

Nevertheless, God...
 loves us and promises full restoration.

In the little and big circumstances of our lives, we confess our waring hearts against you. Daddy, forgive us. Thank-you for your love that never fails, no matter what. How grateful we are that even though we deserve the consequences of our choices nevertheless, You show us mercy. Nevertheless, You love us and restore us. Thank-you.


  1. Yes! I am so thankful for "nevertheless" now! Another awesome reminder of how God uses every word to point back to who He grateful for his mercy today! Blessings Dawn:)

    1. Tracy,

      So thankful for your words that speak God's grace to many. Praying for you today, sweet girl.


  2. Thank-you for posting Dawn. It was late, nevertheless probably so it would get my attention!! Jeremiah has so much wisdom, but not many study or quote from this book. Loving this scripture!! :)

    Helen S.

    1. This book contains so many hidden gems. Love how God loves us

  3. I love what you're finding for us in Jeremiah friend. God wants to pour out His love and grace. He's so patient with us. ~ Blessings from Maine on this Tuesday friend, Amy :)