Monday, March 19, 2012

Reminiscing During Renovations

This week I'm emersed in renovations. Not the heavy-duty, knock-down-the-walls kind of renovating but rather the long-overdue scraping twenty-three-year-old wallpaper off walls type of work. So, pardon my mess, today as I veer off the road and just reminisce.

Part of me can't wait to cover up old plaster cracks and nicks in the woodwork with shiny new paint, but there's memories glued to these walls: like the indullable red masterpiece of my then one-year-old daughter, or the faded rectangles where Cape Cod sunsets hung reminding me where my heart sings, or the black handprints along the walls - evidence of life running by at top speed.

I've put off this work for years because it's so time consuming, but now I've carved out a week and I'm ready. I smile - take one last look around and breathe in the memories. 

With every score and scrape I ponder what new memories will adorn these walls. Whose voices will echo down this hall? How many more overnighters and good-night kisses will I give my grandbabies behind these bedroom doors? How many more new grandbabies will there be? Will we live here for twenty-three more years? Or more? What will those years look like? And will they travel at lightening speeds?

God gave us this home twenty-three years ago - a most perfect gift - a desire of my heart fulfilled. I celebrate his faithfulness to us throughout the years lived here and trust Him with our future.

I praise Him, loving Father and giver of all good things.

What fun memories are glued to your walls? Are you enjoying newly-made memories? If you're in the second 50 years of your life, what new memories do you want to make? Slip me a note below and let's have some fun sharing our lives.

* Hopefully I'll have a few pics of my hard work to share for my Thankful Thursday post. Stay tuned!


  1. What room(s) is/are getting "redone"? Exciting. Yes, my stairwell walls are horrendous with fingerprints. Funny how they move up the wall as the kids grow. "Someday" I'll repaint those too. What a great week to repaint too. The weather, she be amazin'! Windows wide open!

  2. The upstairs hallway. Going ever so slowly. Then moving downstairs to the kitchen and eventually the living room and stairwell.