Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teachable Moments: Lost & Found Bunny

My daughter’s independence-driven, unsupervised bedtime routine went smoothly.

Bath? Done. Jammies? Check. Bedtime snack? Finished. She even helped herself to a drink from the refrigerator without spilling!
Marching proudly upstairs to bed she climbed under the covers. I settled in next to her and started reading from Little House on the Prairie when suddenly, panic rolled over her little face.

 "My bunny! Bunny is gone!" she cried with big tears rolling down her little pink cheeks.

"Where is she?" I asked.

"I don't know. She's just gone!" she sobbed.

Calling for bunny like she was a beloved family pet, our family’s frantic search began.

We searched the bathroom, under the bed, the closet, her dresser, laundry piles, behind the couch, and even in the garbage. EVERYWHERE! No Bunny.

 "Oh, dear God please help us find Bunny! Please!" I prayed.

"Did you have Bunny when you poured yourself a drink?" I asked. 

She thought a minute and shook her head "yes" and flung open the refrigerator door.

Bunny sat chillin’ on the top shelf next to the juice carton staring back at her with a frozen smile.
“You silly little bunny!” she exclaimed snatching lost-and-found Bunny off the shelf.

I’m especially fond of this memory because God taught our family three things:
No concern is too small for God. Although our children feel small, they need to know that if something’s important to them, it's important to God, too.

God shows up ̶ present and alive–when we call on His name. Teaching our children to pray, even in the small things, allows them to see God at work in their lives.

When we’re lost, God stops everything to look for us. Seizing these teachable moments helps children tangibly grasp God’s love for them.

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