Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Writer's Nest

"Beloved, come away..." Song of Solomon 8:14a

In the movie, Something's Gotta Give, Diane Keaton plays a successful play-wright seeking to rouse her muse at her oceanfront home. I laugh when the scene cuts to Keaton sitting behind her sprawling mahogany desk in a whitewashed office touting a private view of a secluded California beach. Who couldn't write with a seacoast muse?

Until my own private seaside oasis reveals itself , I'm ever grateful for this pretty little second floor writer's nest... the place I hear God whisper, "Come away, my beloved..."

My writing day starts in complete silence
sitting in this comfy chair... 

...alone with the Lord, my Bible, journal, a devotional
and a writing book by a successful author.

And when inspiration hits, I crawl behind my humble desk
and write..

 ...and write.

Here's my view when I come up for air.
It's not an ocean view but I can dream, can't I?

Books line the wall opposite my desk.
Never thought I'd convert,
but now I purchase digital copies to save space.
My shelves display beautiful seashells, (gifts from an old friend),
and family photos.

Hanging above the bookcase is my favorite vacation photo
of Eastport, Maine at sunrise - a Christmas gift
from my husband who knows my heart.

He added my favorite quote by Thoreau in the upper left:

"The seashore is a sort of neutral point
a most advantageous ground
of which to contemplate this world."

This writer's nest took all of $50 to remodel. Everything except the rug and bookcases was a hand-me-down. Since the room is only 5' X 10' it didn't take much paint to spruce it up and we found a double roll of linen wallpaper in Lowe's discount pile for $5!

Where do you hear God whisper, "Come away, my beloved?" Is it the same place you write? What setting inspires you, gets your creativity flowing? What's your dream spot?


  1. Good Morning Dawn!
    I'm normally up in my quiet bedroom with soft piano music playing in my ears... when writing comes to me. God has blessed us so much with our little havens. Blessings today new sister! ~Amy Alves

    1. God has blessed us indeed, Amy. Piano music accompanies my writing muse, too. Lyrics simply clutter and distract my thoughts.

      Great getting to know you, sweet sister!


  2. Even though your view is not of the ocean, many good memories were had (and will be had) in the backyard and pool!

    1. Hope you guys can get down here this summer and sit poolside with us!

  3. I am in need of a writer's haven. Because of my living arrangements, I wind up writing wherever I find a spot with my laptop. However, I do need some normalcy in my routine (or lack thereof) and this post was inspiration to create it somehow! Thanks. :)

    P.S. - A friend of mine recently told me about Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. She raves about it!

    1. Jenn,

      Thanks for dropping by Dawn's New Day. I'm honored by your visit.

      This writing haven is such a sanctuary for this easily distracted people-watcher! I pray God's provision as you seek your dream-haven.

      Sarah Young has transformed my quiet time with this devotional, Jesus Calling. She writes using God's voice, ushering you into His presence. Such a gifted writer.

      Enjoy this gorgeous day!