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A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: April 2012 Blog Tour

 A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts: Stories to Celebrate & Wisdom to Bless Moms debuted two weeks ago. This wonderful new gift book from Leafwood Publishers is available for Mother’s Day (and for new or expectant moms or baby shower gifts all year long).

Today, I’ve invited the five coauthors to share their unique story of how they came together to publish this exciting book full of hints, stories, advice, recipes and tips to celebrate all the firsts in motherhood.

First, let me introduce Leslie Wilson, Trish Berg, Terra Hangen, Cathy Messecar and Karen Robbins. Thank you for being here today, ladies.
Thank you for inviting us.

This is your second book in the series. Is that correct?

Yes, we wrote A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts in 2008. This book celebrating mothering milestones seemed like a great follow-up project.

You are from three different areas of the country—Texas, California, and Ohio. How did you all meet?

We met through The Writers View, an online group for professional Christian writers. Several of us have actually met in person—the Texas ladies and the Ohio ladies get to see each other much more often than poor Terra suffering out in California! We like how the network enriches our brainstorming and inspires our writing.

How did you come up with the idea to do a book together?

The Christmas book was Cathy’s brainchild. She mentioned the concept of telling stories of events that happened for the first time at Christmas and sharing holiday historical tidbits. The others offered to submit ideas and tips. That offer morphed into each of us equally contributing and co-authoring A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts. That book sold well, so Leafwood approached us about a second book in the series. We love the concept of celebrating “firsts.” We loved the look and feel of the first book. We loved the idea of getting to work together again. How could we say no?

Tell me a little about A Scrapbook of Motherhood Firsts.

It looks and feels like a scrapbook. We and the publisher got so much great feedback on the graphics and beauty of the first book. We’re so thankful Leafwood kept that same colorful appearance for round two.

The book contains heartwarming stories about mothering milestones, those things you do—or your child does—for the first time. Events like first bath, first steps, first haircut, first day of school, getting ears pierced, and so on. Each of these takes you back to when you experienced those special moments with your own child.

Also, the hints, tips and mommy helps offer more than 100 years of collective wisdom and inspiration. We like the way the practical helps are interspersed with the heartwarming stories. This mirrors our lives—we don’t experience all our warm fuzzies at one point in the day.

What is your favorite part?

We like the Word Quilters’ Wisdom. These tidbits included advice such as:

• Best Advice from My Mom
• The Bedtime Routine
• Ways to Calm Kids
• Helping out with Chores
• Do as I Say, Not as I Did!

We wish we’d had such sound advice when we were new moms!

I’ve heard that the book is really a nice gift book; can you tell me a little about the format?

Yes, it’s a hardbound book, full color interior. The layout makes it easy to read. It has a definite scrapbooky look on the interior. Different logos identify sections, such as an oilcloth-looking page for “You Might Be a Mommy If” sections. Red and tarnished brown metal brackets identify the “Family Snapshot” stories. In addition, bold flowers and brightly-colored graphics intertwine on each page’s background. It’s a classy gift for any new (or not-so-new) mom.

With five different personalities and areas of ministry, how did you manage to put this all together and still remain friends?

We just did whatever Leslie said.

Hey, that’s not entirely true. Mostly, but not entirely. I (Leslie) do speak to mom audiences more than the other co-authors. So it felt natural for me to take the lead on this project instead of Cathy. Since I’m in close proximity to young moms and understand where they are, I had several specific ideas and sections I wanted to include.

Like what?

Well, one in six or seven couples experiences infertility. I didn’t want to shy away from this aspect of mothering, so I included my own story of needing medical help to conceive.

How was it working with four other women? Did you have any problems or issues?

Not really. We pray a lot for each other and it helps that none of us have an over-inflated ego.

Occasionally, we had differing opinions, but we shared our reasons for wanting something to be a certain way. Majority ruled, which worked well.

Honestly, throughout the process, we were in awe of our gracious co-authors, unselfish women who respect each other. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.We offer support and ideas for our separate writing projects and for personal prayer requests. We love each other so much and champion one another’s writing and speaking endeavors. We each bring special gifts and our own unique personality to the table, and God has blessed us and worked amazing things through our little group.

Where can my readers get a copy of SOMF?

The coauthors all have a supply, plus our publisher ( has plenty of copies and discounts for buying five or more. Or they can be bought at most online stores and also ordered by your local bookstore.

Thanks for having us on your blog today. We’ve enjoyed our time here!

It's been a pleasure having you as guests on Dawn's New Day. Thanks for sharing your publishing story with us.

{Mother's Day only 2 1/2  weeks away, order your copy today!}

P. S. Leslie Wilson is a dear friend, editor and writing mentor.
Please visit her at Thrive It Up! 

Leslie Wilson
Thrive It Up!

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