Monday, June 11, 2012

Keep Your Eyes On the Horizon

"I was there when he set the heavens in place, when he marked out the horizon on the face of the deep..." Proverbs 8: 27

I hopped aboard that glassbottom boat ready for coral reef exploration, confident in my refusal of the freely offered Dramamine. After thirty minutes of puttering through the narrow water canals framed by Florida Mangrove trees, we finally emerged into the shallow open reef where my eyes fixated on the movement below my feet. Now for anyone who understands the confusion one feels when your eyes fixate on something solid while sitting still on rocking seas, you know what comes next. I turned a bit green.

While my eyes stared at the still, coral reefs through the glass window below my feet, my inner ear registered movement. My brain spun confusion and my stomach churned nausea making me wish I'd swallowed my pride AND that free Dramamine! While my husband relished all the stop-and-go sights I spent the remainder of our adventure on the ship's bow, looking forward - tracking the horizon while slumped over a bag of salty pretzels and sipping bottled water.

On our God-journey, when we're past the shore and out on the rocking seas, we get so caught up in the adventure that often, we take our eyes off the horizon. The horizon is that hope - God's purposeful promise - that aligns our thoughts and our steps with His moving Presence. 

When we lose sight of the horizon three things can happen:
  • Fear overcomes  - we hide below deck too long. We get comfortable in our sanctuary that when God finally calls us on deck we can't handle all that motion.
  • Vision hyper focuses- we try ironing out all the details through high-powered binoculars. We get lost in, even anxious about the details and the "what ifs" until we slump over with worry.
  • Head knowledge - we spend more time gathering head-knowledge and doing the details that we miss God. We lose track of His Presence and where He's leading.
While these debilitating situations may slow us down, there is relief:
  • Seek fresh air - surround yourself with like-minded people (corporate worship/fellowship) who will help dispel your fears and encourage God's dream in your life.
  • Focus on the horizon - keep your eyes looking forward toward the goal, but ever-mindful of God's movement. When He moves, follow, even when it seems contrary to reality.
  • Abide - spend more time being (personal worship) in God's Presence than doing and striving. Take deep breaths of the Holy Spirit and long sips in His Word. Pray continually.
Abba, Heavenly Father,
May we be ever mindful of our God-given dreams because that's what you've planned for us to do since before time began. As we launch into the open waters and get distracted by the rolling waves, remind us to keep our eyes on the horizon, but fix our gaze on your ever moving Presence.


  1. Evenin' Dawn,
    I loved this so much! He JUST today brought up the "pray continually" verse to my mind. He's so good like that! ;) I enjoyed the flow of your writing, and the flow of the Spirit within it sister. ~ Blessings, Amy

    1. Thanks Amy. God IS good. He amazes me every day in big and little ways. I love how He taps us on the shoulder and reminds us He's there.