Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When You Keep Hitting Walls...Turn Back

"He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers..." Malachi 4:6

We start walking the path set before us gaining confidence around every clearly marked corner toward our destiny. Like obedient children we follow our designated routes. The way seems clear - almost easy - so we pick up speed. But instead of gaining ground, endless miles appear before us and suddenly, out of nowhere, we hit a brick wall. We expend great energy and countless hours looking for ways to maneuver around and over this wall instead of turning back, trying to correct our wrong turn.

Reaching the brink of insanity, thinking we misunderstood our calling, we might give up. Exhausted, we settle - plant ourselves down in our shoe-worn ruts at the base of the great wall and accept mediocrity while wondering how others around us move forward.

Sometimes turning back is God's way of moving us forward and through those brick walls.

Statistics say 48-50% of us grew up in broken, rebellious homes, which means at least 48% of us harbor parent-wounds. Our bleeding hearts create bitter roots that can slow us down, create obstacles that we won't ever get around, no matter how hard we run, until we turn back and let God tend them.

But, it's hard turning back when we perceive everyone else is moving forward. Running backwards, toward our past and finding God in the situation can only be divinely driven. It's when we find ourselves frustrated and hopeless, wondering if God got it all wrong to begin with - this is when we hear God calling us back. He calls us back to turn us around - to face our pain - our fathers, our mothers - not with shame, but forgiveness. He comforts our broken hearts, but asks that we offer freely the forgiveness he gave, to the ones who've caused our pain.

And when we agree - freely forgive as we've been freely forgiven - somehow those walls come down and we are free to walk confidently toward our destiny!

Where are you on this life journey? Are you constantly hitting walls, ready to settle into the well worn ruts where you've exhausted all possibilities trying to get around every obstacle? Maybe God's calling you back, asking you to turn around and face a few unpleasant wounds. Run toward Him and let God comfort and heal you. Then, forgive. You'll never know such freedom!

Abba, Father,
For every sister/brother who's tired of running, exhausted from hitting those same walls and making no forward progress, I pray your gentle arm wrap around them. Comfort their hearts, bind up their wounds and instill divine courage that they may turn back, freely offer forgiveness to those who've caused pain. May you fill their emptiness with your presence and give them peace beyond measure. ~Amen



  1. Morning Dawn,
    It is so important to listen to God's whisperings of where to move and when to do it. He doesn't measure improvement in the same way we naturally do, does HE? Thank you for sharing some of your hearts thoughts with us sister! I too, just wrote about resting in God, when we don't know this morning... AWESOME! ~ Blessings out and all over your day, Amy

    1. Good morning, Amy. I so love when you visit. Your heart reflects the Father's so well, encouraging others wherever you go. You're certainly a blessing to this writer's heart!

      In this impatient, do-it-now world, it's quite a discipline to stop and listen rather than keep on walking forward. So glad to know resting in God and taking the time to listen heals and restores.