Monday, June 4, 2012

Running After God's Heart

"...the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leader of his people." 1 Samuel 13:14

There's something irresistible about a man who runs after God's heart. When he pursues that Garden of Eden relationship - catches God's stride - life is good, falls into step as originally planned. God pursuing man. Man pursuing God. Man leading his family. Heaven on earth.

It's been a long, four-year wilderness journey for my man - God's warrior man - betrayed, manipulated, wrongfully shamed. Suffering battle wounds, he limped along the lonely road of anonymity and around the bend of misplaced purpose. I grew weary tending his wounded heart, wondering if it would ever stop bleeding; wondering if he would catch God's stride again and pursue Him with fervor. I pleaded with God to renew his strength, his boldness, his purpose because there's nothing sadder than a man who stops short of God's fullness.

Healing came in small tidbits and miraculous chunks, but always that nagging question remained, "What's my purpose now, Lord?" And the answer finally came, "Renew your love for Me. Pursue Me. Come away with Me, my warrior." And he ran after God's heart - away from life's distractions and noise, deep inside Canadian woodlands.

Why is this irresistible? Because when a man seeks God's heart, he reflects the fullness of God in everything he does and in every relationship, especially at home. A bit of heaven on earth.

We all lose our way now and then - suffer loss, get battle weary - but when our husbands lose their way, how do we respond? Do we give them space to run after God's heart? What does that look like for you and your husband?

May we all be men and women who run after your heart - reflect the fullness of all your glory in all that we do, in every relationship. But, when we lose our way, become battle weary, wounded and feel betrayed, thank you for being a pursuing God. Thank you for being a God who beckons us to come away. May we be obedient to your voice and run after your heart.


  1. thanks for your transparency and allowing that to breath life into us all today Dawn! There's something powerful about the fact you allowed that space and time of healing (even though you grew weary at times) ... maybe a huge thing that our men need is a supportive wife who stays for the long haul through these desert times...with faith that God will pursue and heal. Well done !

    1. God is ever faithful, even in the desert journeys. I'm thankful He never stops pursuing us and most grateful my husband's heart never hardened, but remained moldable.

      Blessings to you and your man today,